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Putting Sustainable business opportunities into practice with Sthiel

Sthiel sustainable ICT consultants set-up and improve the sustainability of the communication- and information systems of your business. This results in new, more efficient, cheaper, safer and more sustainable office automation systems that make use of sensor technology and cloud services.

Sthiel sustainable ICT consultants assist managers with sustainable strategy development, ICT-management of employees, ICT-management of on-and off-grid facilities and marketing (Facebook, Airbnb, Crowdfunding, Tripadvisor, Google analytics, Google ad-words, Mailchimp, Content Management Systems). This results in higher profit as well as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

Sthiel sustainable ICT consultants offer you innovative ideas, structured through brainstorm sessions, fuelled with many on- and offline sources, translated to boardroom-level to see and step into, sustainable business opportunities.

Sustainable IDeas?