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Sthiel Sustainable Components


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Africa - Container in rural area - 15.500 dollar


Sthiel 1.0 Concept

Sthiel 1.0 Modular Sustainable Technology ensures human survival on Earth. Sthiel offers modular sustainable energy and water installations that are updatable as technology advances and self-sufficient. Sthiel can be deployed everywhere: in rural areas (off grid), in locations where there is plenty of local building material, to existing buildings in cities (on grid).

This also means that Sthiel design is customizable to meet personal taste. All Sthiel components are made so that they fit exactly into sea containers, which reduce transportation costs and waste. Sthiel plug-and-play components can be ordered online and can be put together by oneself; 'IKEA style'.

Therefore, Sthiel 1.0 Modular Sustainable Survival Technology is better and cheaper than any current tent- or container-like survival concept on the market.

It ensures survival for individuals that have their business in remote areas, e.g. infrastructural works (dam, road, bridge, mining) in the North of Brazil or Green Sustainable Hotels on remote Islands for the coast of Costa Rica. People living in cities, not only can reduce their energy bills to zero; they can even make money, producing electricity.

Brazil - Existing building, groundwater, no grid - 10.000 dollar


With Sthiel 1.0 in your home you contribute to a sustainable world and have more time!

  • you no longer have to pay energy bills. Did you know that the average Dutch family, pays 61.000 Euro on energy the next 15 years, on energy alone?!
  • you no longer pay high mortgage
  • you are not affected by rising energy prices in the future

Costa Rica - Frame, local building materials -  14.350 dollar


Solo - Container based house - Africa Prototype can be visited in the Netherlands



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