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The Sthiel: IDeas to Sustain IDentity

Everyone realizes that the resources of the Earth are not inexhaustible. The Sthiel is a story aimed at sustaining life on Earth.


  • Mankind is an animal (98% of the DNA of humans is in accordance with: fish, birds, reptiles, insects, etc.)
  • Humans, like animals, have an instinct
  • The instinct of mankind is 'identity creation'
  • Identity creation, as practiced by man, knows no boundaries and is therefore comparable to Cancer

Limitless 'identity creation' is the real problem behind all the current problems of mankind on this Earth. The history of Easter Island, rapped-up in this Children's Christmas story, illustrates how this works, very eloquently. And also how our society will end-up, if ego-creation is not becoming more sustainable.

Therefore, according to The Sthiel, sustainability of the world starts with changing the non-sustainable, learned, beliefs, ideas, values and norms (cognitions) that are active in the creation of every individual identity.

Together with you, The Sthiel modestly gathers methods to change these cognitions. The Sthiel sometimes calls these methods: Stupid ideas to change the world. Stupid ideas because otherwise it becomes another ego-competition. Only this time of 'world-improvers'. Just as there is now an ego competition of problem owners: city, financial-, environmental-, climate- or energycrises.

The Sthiel states that only by changes in these cognitions, sustainable (Sustainism) forms of living, expression, development, environment, etc., will arise.

The Sthiel is inspired by Science (e.g.: Cognitive Science, Daniel Dennett, Mindfulness, Presence, 'resting brain' of Raichle), Internet and Sustainability.

Do you have a stabilizing idea?

Mail: sustainitycoach@gmail.com

De Stijl

The members of De Stijl sought a radical reform of the art, which kept pace with the technical, scientific and social changes in the world.  Obviously, The Sthiel is in some ways similar to 'De Stijl'. Only, The Sthiel is directed to improve the sustainability of cognitions that are involved in the formation of the individual identity.

Sustainable IDeas?