MSc. S. (Stefan) Thie (1972)

S.Thie Business
Sustainable-ICT consultant

History highlights

MSc in Cognitive Ergonomics at the 'Radboud University of Nijmegen'. Specialized in 'Change Management'. Started as an Innovator at KPN Research and worked on Telecom projects as web-developer, process analyst and usability expert (1997 - 2002).

Worked at TNO ICT as an ICT consultant and Project manager on user research, product development and marketing strategy in the domain of mobile Internet. Acting in projects with the subjects of marketing research, user experience, usability, change management and service development (2003 - 2010).

As a self-employed Sustainable-ICT consultant specialized in the Internet of Things and worked as a Project manager and Operational Management Assistant at an Eco-, Surf- and Yoga Retreat in Portugal (2010 - 2013).



• ICT Project manager IPMA-D ('2010)
• MSc in Cognitive Ergonomics at the 'Radboud University of Nijmegen' (1997)


Expertise and skills

• Change management

• Process analysis (SDM, BPMN and SADT)

• User centred design

• Usability and customer experience

• Product and service development

• On- and offline marketing

• Market research

• Creativity and teamwork (workshops, focus groups, user groups, interview)

• ICT Project manager (IPMA-D certified)

• Early phases of innovation

• Content Management Systems (CMS)

• Internet of Things


• Customer Care

• eCommerce

• Operational Management Eco, Surf & Yoga Retreat

• Sustainability and Presence




























Most relevant recent experience

• As an ICT Project manager responsible for setting-up and improving the internal communication and information transfer at an Eco-, Surf - and Yoga Retreat in Portugal called Tipivalley. This has resulted in a new, more efficient, cheaper and safer office automation system which made use of sensor technology and cloud services ('13)

• As assistant operations manager assisted the operational manager with strategy development, management of nine employees, managing the on-and off-grid facilities, marketing (Social Media, Airbnb, Crowdfunding, Tripadvisor, Google analytics, Google ad-words, Mailchimp, Content Management Systems) and the financial administration of Tipivalley. This has resulted in 164 customers and a profitable as well as sustainable season ('13)

• As a writer and illustrator (@sustainitycoach) published an English eBook in the Amazon store called Sustainable-ID: on how to solve the problems humanity faces in the 21st century. This political, philosophical and cognitive book can be downloaded here ('11 - '12)

• Developed a (Social)-Media marketing strategy for Direct Publishing of eBooks. This strategy is based on 'buyer personas' and tools like Gimp, (Social)-Media, Google analytics, Google ad-words, Mailchimp, press releases and various Content Management Systems ('10 - '11)

• As an innovator in the field of sensor technology delivered the following concepts: ('10 - '12)

o Automated personalized (sports)-videos: Coastal Multi-Sensor Lab

o Internet of Things (IoT) in the home: Sustainable-ICT building components

• Course: Mindfulness at the University of Nijmegen ('11)


Market: Most relevant experience at TNO ICT

• Performed an information analyses based on SDM and SADT methodology. This meant interviewing ten so called 'knowledge experts'. This resulted in a demonstrator that visualized the impact of newly developed ICT system on 750 workstations at the Dutch Defence Department ('08 - '10)

• Business Process Innovation Analysis performed for Defence using BPMN. This resulted in an improved adoption of a new Soldier System by 7500 end-users ('08 - '10)

• Usability Expert for Freeband project: TUMCAT (Testbed for User experience for Mobile Context-aware ApplicaTions) and as workpackage- and acceptance test leader involved in three pilots using the TUMCAT test bed ('06 - '08)

• Measured quantitatively (350 respondents) the Customer Satisfaction regarding an Interactive Voice Response system for KPN ('07)

• Developed User Interface design concepts for a web-shop for elderly people ('07). Hosted and facilitated two 'end-user' group-sessions.

• As Usability Expert and Project Officer conducted an Expert Review for the eCommerce Outlets of KPN and Hi, with the result that the online Customer Experience was enhanced by improving the user interface and that eSales went up ('06 - '07)

• Performed an expert review and Technical User Pilot for an online scheduling service ('06 - '07) which resulted in the decision to not put it in the market

• Developed a strategy on 'Place shifting' and performed an end-user pilot with using qualitative measures which resulted in a new service called: 'back-up online' from KPN ('06 - '07)

• Consulted KPN and Hi on their mobile data strategy by interviewing several key players in the field, e.g. Ericsson ('08)

• As an innovation consultant managed the process of specifying a new communication system with end-users and stakeholders which resulted in a system with less communication problems ('08 - '09)


Knowledge: Most relevant knowledge at TNO ICT

• Certified ICT Project manager IPMA-D ('10)

• Business Process Innovation Management thereby increasing adoption of future ICT systems ('09)

• Added value analysis of an Integrated Serious Gaming Concept for support of the introduction of Netcentric Multidisciplinary Crises Management ('08-'09)

• Direct marketing strategy to increase sales through social media, blogs, news releases, email, eBooks, online video and viral marketing ('10)


Knowledge: Most relevant knowledge at KPN Research

• Publication: The influence of a summary chart on a computer screen, in electronic brainstorming (Journal of Ergonomics, '00)

• Publication: A general theory of Presence (Presence, '99)

• Patent: Use of (3D) virtual environments for electronic brainstorming ('98)



• Windsurfing

o VDWS degree
o Experience: 28 years; forward and backward loop (back loop sometimes ;-))

• Snowboarding/Skiing

o Anwärter degree

o Experience: Worked one season in Mayerhofen as snowboard teacher

• Wavesurfing / SUP

o BSA degree (including life saving diploma, Wales in 2005.)

o Experience: France (Mimizane), Portugal (Peniche, Sagres, Arrifana, Ericeira, Viana do Castelo), Spain (Mallorca, Tenerife, Mundaka), Indonesia (Medewi, Balangan, Uluwatu), Australia (Gold Coast), New Zealand (Raglan, North and South island ;-)), Maui (Ho'okipa), Costa Rica (Pavones), Panama (Santa Catalina), Brazil (Jericoacoara), Cabo Verde (Punta Preta, Sal), Dominican Republic (Enquentro, Cabarete), Denmark (Klitmoller) and of course the Netherlands (Scheveningen).

• Kitesurfing

o I have full kite-control and can sail up and down.

• Soccer, Tennis, Running, (ice)-Skating, Swimming, Mountain biking etc. etc.

o Experience: 30 years.

o Trained by and played with Rene Meulensteen (Fulham).

• Yoga / Mindfulness / Pilates

o Experience: 5 years.

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