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Why I get the feeling we live in the Middle Ages

People find it hard to share equally. (Tragedy of the commons)
But - after 200 years of industrial revolution - there is enough produce for any man on Earth to have enough food, clothes and shelter. (Overproduction)
Computers and Internet change everything. (E.g.: music consumption)
Politics is about: managing scarcity. (Social Contract)

A computer is better at this. (Sensors & Open Source)
Differences will no longer be solved based on: a feeling, politics, ideology, religion, sexe, money or the biggest ego.
Decisions will be based on scientific and objective reasoning, managed by computers. In Cyprus you see how it works, only in the Dark Ages. Money-dividing-computers give people 300 Euro a day.

IMHO a resource based economy is a better direction.

You wonder how to get from where we are now to this new system?
Read: Sustainable-id.nl and share your IDea!

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