Vision of The Sthiel on Occupy

After reading loads of articles on the Internet, probably just like you (e.g. @grist) and seeing loads of video's, probably the same as you: Zeitgeist, 180degrees south, Inside Job, Fahrenheit 911, Why We Fight, Iraq for Sale: The War Private Overseers, Sicko, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, etc., and even books(!) ;-) like 1491, Collapse, Sustainable Energy, Integrated Cognitive Therapy, etc., some people come to the conclusion that the crises is not caused by the 7 billion, but by the handful 1% (70.000.000).

And they think a revolution is the only and last opportunity so save America (and ourselves). The Sthiel
thinks everybody agrees with the seriousness of the current situation. Everybody seems to agree on one thing:

"It can't go on like this."

The Sthiel doubts the crises (financial, environmental, educational, etc), is caused by the 'handful' 1% instead of the 99%, the 7 billion.

To begin with, have you ever wondered: 70.000.000 people (almost the total amount of people in Germany) how is that a handful???

The Sthiel doesn't think dividing people in these groups is the solution. Has it ever been?

There is need for a revolutionary change all right. And this division will create one. But after this revolution, the global matters at hand will not be solved because the problem lies in all of us humans.

The Sthiel thinks that changing the world starts with changing the trained non-sustainable values and ideas that are present in the brain of every human being.

That is what de Sthiel does,collecting ideas to change unstainable cognitions. Sthiel stands strong for the creation of a new global value set, consisting out of new ways of living, expression, development, communication, transportation, energy-consumption, art, etc, based on sustainism.

Sustainity is a condition that both transcends and extends modernity, creating novel forms of living, expression, development, environment, etc., which encompass sustainist ideas and values.

Sustainism is derived from - but going beyond - sustainability and sustainable development, as it was used in the period around the end of the second millennium: relating to a life-style and society involving sustainable ways of living and practices, taking account of future generations, the natural environment, human needs and equity.

To begin realizing this, the Sthiel gathers, helps formulate and disseminates stupdid ideas to improve our world.
Do you have any stupid ideas about how to improve our world? Please contact us.

Sustainable IDeas?